Tuesday September 3, 2019 Welcome to 7th Grade!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year! I am glad you are HERE!

Mr Bloch’s Room 312

Team 3

Video overview of 7th grade science:

Learning Target: I can describe the characteristics of life. 

Reflection questions: What makes something living?

How do we know when something is alive?

Observe the Jericho Flower- Is it Dead or Alive….


Wednesday June 5, 2019- Martian Day 3

Learning Target: I can explain the characteristics of life based on the Martian.

Day 3:

What challenges does Mark have?

Viewing Themes:

  • Characteristics of Life- How does Watney work to fill his needs for living?
  • Elements, compounds, mixtures – In what ways does Watney display knowledge of properties of matter?
  • Waves- How are waves used in the film?
  • Energy – How does Watney get the energy he needs to operate his the HAB (The habitat building he lives in) and vehicle?