Tuesday March 3, 2020- Rube Goldberg Model Plan

Learning Target: I can work as a team member to design a plan for constructing a Rube Goldberg Machine.

Rube Goldberg-1mpv724  

Day 1 of planning! Make you Plan complete by end of class so you can come ready to build on Wednesday. Make sure you take home your materials lists so you remember what to bring tomorrow. Projects due: Wednesday March 11.

Watch these videos for inspiration

Dear 7th grade families:
Our 7th grade science students are building Rube Goldberg Machines to show the transfer of energy from one place to another. We will be working on the machines in teams during our
classes. We can’t wait to see what the students dream up. We will need some supplies to build these machines. If you have any of the following at home that you can afford to donate to the
classes, it would be appreciated.
• Aluminum foil
• Plastic containers
• Cardboard
• Water bottles
• Toilet paper or paper towel tubes for chutes
• Cereal boxes to use like dominoes
• Pop cans, soup cans, or batteries to roll
Other items:
• Dominoes
• Funnels
• Marbles
• Golf balls
• Toy cars
• String
• Buckets
• Cups or bowls
Our projects start Tuesday  March 3 with presentations starting Wednesday March 11th
Sincerely 7th grade science teachers:

Monday March 2, 2020- I can create a model of a system.

​Learning Target:

I can build a model of a system.

​Why might you need a good secure knot?

    • A mobile fell off the ceiling and hit you on your head. You would like the students to know how to tie a good knot so the same does not happen to them.
    • Securing a pair of scissors so they do not disappear (like bank pens)
  • “The last time you went camping, your canoe floated away because it was tied improperly, and you had to hike miles back to the campsite. You want all your student to know how to tie a good knot so they never suffer the same fate”
  • What is one way to understand how complicated systems work?